February 01, 2023

Arabidopsis Solutions

EGC offers a number of growth chambers designed for arabidopsis research. These multi-tier chambers can also be used for seedling germination and other plant growth work where full height is not required.

G20 and G30 Reach-ins

Our G20 and G30 reach-in chambers offer 20 and 30 ft2 of growing area respectively, with 20" of growing height in a two tier design. Air flow is horizontal across the growth area, through slotted side wall plenums. Each growing tier is illuminated by an array of fluorescent and incandescent lamps, which can be programmed in banks to provide multiple lighting levels. The upper lamp tier is separated from the growth chamber by a Plexiglas barrier to reduce load on the refrigeration system. Aluminum plant trays are individually adjustable. Two doors provide improved access to the entire growing area. Twin air-cooled condensing units provide conditioning of chamber air, with plug-in convenience.

GCW30 Reach-in

Based on our GC series growth chamber, the GCW30 arabidopsis chamber features an upward airflow through the aluminum channel shelves. Airflow for each tier is delivered separately to minimize the effect of one upon the other. Fluorescent/ incandescent lamp arrays in fixed light canopies include program switchable banks for various levels. Optional lighting levels can also be specified at time of order. The conditioning system features our 2 phase direct expansion design with full proportional control, a sealed mixing valve, and water cooled condensing unit for reliable performance and superior control.

  G20 G30 GCW30
Growing Area
Growing Height
Interior Dimensions
Exterior Dimensions
Overall Height
Access Door Size

Walk-in Arabidopsis Growth Rooms

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