March 24, 2023

EGC Products

Below is an outline of the EGC product line. You can use the links to view information on specific products.

If you don't see what you're looking for, to discuss your unique requirements.

High performance environmental rooms to meet your specifications

Plant Growth Products

Ultimate in control and uniformity throughout the growing area

Economical solution to environmental control

Maximum versatility in limited spaces

Economical solution to larger growing area requirements

Specifically designed for seedling germination and other plant growth work where limited growth height is required

Integrating natural sunlight into your controlled environment research

Conductive soil temperature control through controlled air circulation within the root tank

A wide variety of lighting solutions to meet your research needs

New additions to EGC's product offerings

Special Applications

The most precise control and uniformity available for sensitive tissue culture work

Combining superior environmental control and uniformity with the most efficient use of valuable floor space

Controlled environment laboratories designed specifically to meet the quality needs of the paper industry

Chambers specially designed for the propagation and study of insects

Provide a uniform environment within ±0.5°C and an operating temperature range of 4°C to 40°C

Controls & Software

Custom control system specifically designed for environmental applications

Monitor and control the chambers at your facility from a central location

Integrate your chambers into facility building management systems

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