February 20, 2018

Field Service Plans
Paid Field Service

The EGC Service Department will provide continuing service after the warranty period has expired. Call us at 800.321.6854 Ext. 320 to schedule a service visit.

Our field service engineers are trained professionals with the experience and know-how to get your equipment up and running efficiently. Our general service rates do not include travel and lodging expenses, which are charged separately. Wherever possible we will try to pre-schedule non-critical service to minimize travel costs. While we endeavor to provide 24 hour emergency response, we are limited in our ability to respond in some geographical areas. 

Equipment Upgrades

EGC equipment has proven over the years to be very durable and reliable if properly maintained. As technology and design improvements advance, many of our customers inquire about updating their current installations. In many cases this can be far more economical than purchasing all new equipment.

One example is in the controls area. Modern solid-state and computer controls can typically out-perform older electro-mechanical systems in providing finer precision, improved reliability, and greater versatility - often at less cost than simply maintaining older designs. Retrofit additions of enhanced systems, like our ControlNet networking system, can enhance the power and flexibility of your laboratory for a very modest investment. 

Before replacing your existing equipment, contact us for a consultation on an upgrade. Our engineers and service professionals will be glad to discuss your alternatives. New technologies such as control systems can be easily incorporated to your equipment by trained EGC personnel. In some cases, we can train your own maintenance personnel to perform the upgrades, reducing your costs even more. 

Preventative Maintenance & Calibration Plans

Even precision equipment needs regular service to keep it in top operating condition. Your research equipment is no exception. To help assure reliable performance, we offer a variety of service plans to meet your requirements. Service plans can include your choice of quarterly, biannual, annual or customized site visits.

What is covered? Our typical plans include on-site inspection and adjustment of the basic systems (Electrical, Refrigeration, Air Circulation, Plumbing, and Controls) as required. We can also perform routine calibrations to make sure your system performance is in spec for critical control studies.

What is not covered? All required parts and/or supplies not covered under warranty will be charged separately. Travel expenses are normally charged separately, but can be included in the quoted price of service contracts. Startup of new installations and/or equipment can be provided at our regular rates or quoted on a fixed fee basis. 

We encourage you to leverage the investment you have already made in quality equipment from EGC. Call us today. We will be glad to discuss the options. 

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