February 20, 2018

Warranty Service

Environmental Growth Chambers equipment is built to last. We warrant our equipment to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. If you do need warranty service it will be prompt and efficient. Premium extended warranty plans are available for purchase at the time of order.

Warranty Claim Procedures

The fastest way to initiate a warranty claim is to call our Service Department toll free at 800-321-6854 extension 320. If you prefer, you can use the on-line form below. In order to expedite handling of warranty claims please have the following information available when you call for warranty service or parts:

Company/Institution name
Contact name, phone and fax number, email address (if available)
EGC job number This number starts with Q and is located on the Model/Serial Number data plate.
EGC equipment model number
EGC equipment serial number
Description of the problem
Description of troubleshooting tests and corrective action already taken.
On-site Warranty Repairs

Contact the EGC Service Department at 800-321-6854, or email us at , and explain the problem. EGC will work with you to determine the most appropriate course of action and to schedule a factory service technician.

Warranty Replacements And Return Authorizations

Contact the EGC Service Department at 800-321-6854, or email us at , and explain the problem. EGC will advise you on the availability of replacement parts and issue a Return Authorization for any item(s) to be returned. It is very important that parts are not returned to EGC without a Return Authorization. Sending parts without an RA number could delay handling of your shipment or trigger an invoice for the replacement value.

Hazardous Material Certification

All parts returned to EGC for repair must be accompanied by a Hazardous Material Certification. This certificate states that the parts have not been exposed to any hazardous substances that could be harmful to the repair technicians. Parts returned without this certification may be returned without repair.

The Hazardous Material Certification form is available on-line. Just click the desired link to download the form in either MS Word or Adobe Acrobat PDF format. 

Download Form As:            

Warranty Claim Information Form

Please note that fields marked with an asterisk * are required

Select the items that apply, and then let us know how to contact you.

      Request for Warranty Return Authorization
      Request for On-site Warranty Service

Postal Code*:
EGC Job #:

(Q...)On the Model/Serial Number data plate

EGC Model #:
EGC Serial #:

Description of the problem.

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