February 20, 2018

Products & Markets Served

Since our inception in 1953, EGC has worked with university and agricultural researchers to provide products for the plant growth market. As a result of this long-standing collaboration EGC is a prominent supplier of equipment to plant researchers involved in such areas as:

Plant Pathology & Physiology Plant Molecular Genetics
Agricultural Product Development Plant Growth Studies
Arabidopsis Research Seed Germination Development
Horticulture Agronomy

As worldwide demand for high-quality controlled environment facilities has grown, so has EGC's presence in the general research and industrial marketplaces. Our environmental rooms are used by customers in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, paper & packaging, electronics, food products, nuclear, and personal care products industries. Typical applications include:

Biomedical Research Paper Testing Labs
Stability Testing Industrial Quality Labs
Product Storage & Conditioning Cyclic and Psychrometric Testing
Entomological Research Archival Storage Facilities
Environmental Studies Tissue Culturing

EGC equipment can be found in university, government, and industrial lab facilities where consistent performance to the most demanding standards is required. Researchers rely on EGC equipment to support their most crucial work. Quality professionals turn to us for the strictest uniformity available.

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