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BAS Integration

Building Automation System Integration

The EGC C6 control system offers the ability to interface with various Building Automation and Building Management systems(BAS & BMS). The simplest being standard dry contacts for Hi/Lo safety alarms and optional 4-20mA outputs for each control channel (temperature, humidity, CO2, Etc...).

Networked installations benefit from the ability to directly connect the BAS/BMS with important PLC values across Profinet, Modbus and BACnet networks. The C6 utilizes Profinet communication protocol as a standard. Optional Modbus and BACnet gateways are available to facilitate other communications.

Standard read only transmittable data points:
  • Current Control Set point
  • Primary Sensor Value (process value)
  • Secondary Sensor Value (if used)
  • Alarm Setpoint: Absolute Low and High
  • Alarm Setpoint: Relative Low and High
  • Alarm Status: Absolute Low and High
  • Alarm Status: Relative Low and High
  • Alarm Status: Primary and Secondary Sensor Fault
  • *The C6 can also be optionally configured to transmit additional custom data points

For further details and specifications contact us at EGC.