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Controlled Environment Rooms

EGC can provide a high performance environmental room to meet your specifications. Using proven design concepts, we have delivered professional solutions to thousands of commercial and research customers around the world.

With products ranging from small test chambers to 2500 ft2 laboratories, EGC can provide the right equipment for your project. with your specifications.


TEMPERATURE- controllable to any range within the -40°C to 50°C span, with +/-0.5°C uniformity, subject to size of chamber.
RELATIVE HUMIDITY- controllable to any range within the 2% to 95% span, with +5% control, subject to dew point restrictions.
LIGHTING- controllable to provide a minimum of 70 foot candles, or custom based on project requirements. UL approved, vapor proof LED fixtures operating on 120V.
AIR FLOW- tailored to application requirements.
GENERAL CONSTRUCTION- prefabricated, modular sectional panels with walls, ceilings and floors locked in place.
INSULATION- rigid urethane, foamed in place.
ACCESS- flush mounted door, 36” x 78”, secured and sealed at closure by soft compression plastic gasket with magnetic core along top and sides, rubber wiper gasket across bottom, and concealed anti-condensate heater wires, as required. Custom doors available upon request.
REFRIGERATION- hermetic or semi-hermetic condensing units operating on constant load throughout chamber temperature range. Vibration mounted at floor level, on top of chamber, or remote locations.
CHILLED WATER SYSTEMS- when customer chilled water is available, temperature control systems can utilize this utility for greater energy efficiency. Precise mixing of water provides accurate temperature control similar to 2øDX refrigeration systems.
MECHANICAL SYSTEM- constant flow of refrigerant through coils, with continuous mixing of liquid and hot gas phases (see description of 2øDX system). Automatic defrosting by hot gas injection through heat exchanger, whenever required.
HEAT EXCHANGERS- prefabricated, tested modules containing air flow and heat exchange devices arranged to provide condensate collection. Heated drain lines and drain pans provided, as required.
UL LABELED CONTROL PANEL- EGC C6 control system is a Siemens based PLC with a standard 7” industrial HMI. The control console is EGC’s slimline console that is fully ADA and UL 508A compliant. The C6 controller provides paperless electronic data logging with onscreen performance condition trend and history displays. The C6 controller has optional 21 CFR 11 compliant modules and the ability to interface with Building Management Systems and other Remote Access features.
TEMPERATURE AND RH CONTROLS- modular digital display, solid-state, without relays or other mechanical switching devices in the operating mode. Direct set point selection in °C or °F.
SAFETY CONTROL- function upon room temperature deviation from set point. Operates independently of primary condition controls to arrest all external power inputs to controlled space. Visible and audible signals at control panel to indicate deviation from preset conditions.
TESTING- EGC factory tests component assemblies.Performance tests are performed by EGC personnel onsite following construction to confirm sustained operation at the specified operating condition(s). Chambers are commissioned only after satisfactory completion of this test program.