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GR Series

GR Series Growth Rooms

The GR series offer an economical solution to larger growing area requirements. With ceiling mounted air distribution systems, these rooms do not require an insulated floor, so that per square foot costs can be minimized.
Convenience features include center isle configuration, adjustable counterweighted light canopies, microprocessor control, and single point service connections. GR rooms can also be outfitted with a variety of plant carts or benches, high intensity lighting, and control options.


Standard Models: GR48, GR64, GR96, GR128, GR144, GR192

CONSTRUCTION- Non-barriered light canopies. Enamel coated aluminum interior and exterior surfaces with wood-less construction.

TEMPERATURE- Standard control is any range within the +5°C to +35°C span with lights off and +15°C to +40°C with lights on. Both with ±0.5°C temperature control tolerance.
LIGHTING- Counterweight fixture that delivers upto 800 μmols light intensity measured at 6" below the light canopy.
REFRIGERATION SYSTEM- Self contained water-cooled (or air-cooled) condensing unit with EGC's 2ØDX system.
AIRFLOW- Directed downward by ceiling mounted air distribution system & airflow return.
GROWTH AREA- Standard model are 48 to 192 sq. ft. Custom applications available based on researcher's need.
Temperature Range
  • 5°C to 25°C with all lights OFF
  • 15°C to 35°C with all lights ON

Lighting - 500 µmoles (at 6" from lamps) with standard fluorescent/ incandescent array; each lighting bank independently controllable

Options - GR rooms can be custom configured to meet your needs. Contact us with your specs.