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Shelf Lit Rooms

EGC Shelf Lit Rooms combine superior environmental control and uniformity with the most efficient use of valuable floor space for your application. By fitting a controlled environment room with multiple tiers of shelves and custom designed lighting we can dramatically increase the available working area for a very modest incremental cost. The result is an enhanced return on your investment.

Light canopies are custom designed to produce the required illumination and optimum uniformity across the work area. Depending upon your requirements, they can be wired in banks for easy switching of various levels, or controlled through our C6 control system for daily programmability. Fixtures include integral covers to protect from spills and control lamp heat, and utilize high efficiency electronic ballasts to minimize heat generation in the work area.

Like all EGC systems, airflow and conditioning are tailored to provide the optimum performance. In applications with our EGC conditioning modules powerful blowers disperse air throughout the room, reaching every corner to provide excellent temperature control and uniformity. Where a less vigorous horizontal airflow is desired, we use central ceiling mounted units and perforated sidewall plenums to circulate air downward and across the shelves.

Contact us today with your shelf lighting requirements. We will be glad to discuss your application and engineer a system to your specifications.