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Psych Charts

Psychrometric Charts

These charts won't help you analyze your personality, but they will tell you a lot about properties of moist air!

Mechanical engineers and HVAC designers have used psychrometric charts for years to avoid lengthy calculations associated with cooling and dehumidification problems. By simply finding the intersection of two variable lines you can determine the state and read other related variables. By plotting between state points you can also find quick answers to air mixing questions.

Unlike most charts which are calculated only at sea level, these charts come as a set of six different elevations from sea level to 10,000 feet.

The charts come packaged in a single downloadable zip file containing six Acrobat PDF files that can be viewed and printed with the free Adobe Acobat Reader. The charts are formatted to print on 11 X 17 ledger size paper, but will downsize quite nicely to legal or letter size. All you need to reproduce these charts is a good quality laser or inkjet printer.

Plot lines and variables include: Enthalpy (h), Dewpoint Temperature (dp), Relative Humidity (%) Humidity Ratio (W)(in both grains and pounds), Specific Volume (v), Wet Bulb Temperature (wb), and Dry Bulb Temperature (db)(in both F and C).

Click here to download your free psychrometric charts.