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Day-Lit (SPAR)

Day-Lit Plant Growth Chambers

The Day-Lit growth chamber bridges the gap between electrically lit research chambers and field experiments done in actual sunlight conditions. It offers the reliable temperature control of our conventional growth chambers with the advantages of natural sunlight in a free standing outdoor unit. Originally designed by EGC for the US Department of Agriculture, the Day-Lit chamber has proved a popular addition to our line of controlled environment growth chambers.

Sunlit plant growth chambers are also known as SPAR (Soil Plant Atmosphere Research Facility) chambers. SPAR chambers allow the study of crop development under natural light while providing precise control of plant aerial and root environments.

Temperature control is provided by a remote refrigeration package typically mounted in a low weatherproof enclosure near the chamber. On multi-unit installations a centralized chiller system with secondary coils for each unit can be utilized for better operating economies. Our microprocessor controllers can be mounted individually, or networked together to provide centralized control and data collection.

Bridge the gap between artificial light and sunlight

A naturally lit, reach-in, plant growth chamber with temperature and relative humidity control.

CONSTRUCTION- 1/2" thick plexiglass or polycarbonate cap includes a hinged gasketed door covering the full front of the chamber as well as a small convenience door for quick access.

TEMPERATURE- Standard control is any range within the +10°C to +40°C span, limited by a +30°C temperature differential between the chamber air and ambient temperature controlled by attached refrigeration system and integral heaters.
REFRIGERATION SYSTEM- Weatherproof condensing unit package adjacent to chamber. Recirculation fans and heaters within base mechanical compartment. Evaporator coil with copper tube and aluminum fins.
AIRFLOW- Directed upward from the perforated chamber floor and collected through the return plenum at the rear of the chamber.
GROWTH AREA- Standard models are 13 sq. ft. Custom applications available based on researcher's need.