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M Series

M Series Growth Chambers

The M series are precision research chambers, designed for optimum performance and value in the most demanding applications. They are guaranteed to provide optimum uniformity throughout the growing area, even with a full plant load. This means you get tighter control for isolating the effects of experiment variables, plus the economy of higher chamber utilization.

Maximum Precision
Reach-In & Walk-In

Standard Reach-In Models: M12, M18, M28
Standard Walk-In Models: M36, M48, M75, M96,M120

CONSTRUCTION- Both reach-in and walk-in chambers have barriered light canopies with separate lamp conditioning modules (LCM's). Both have specular interiors and enamel coated aluminum exteriors with wood-less construction.

TEMPERATURE- Standard control is any range within the +4°C to +40°C span, with ±0.5°C uniformity along horizontal reference plane.
LIGHTING- Wide selection of lighting options and intensities up to and including "full sun". Lighting systems include fluorescent, HID and LED options. Lighting control can include open loop or closed loop light intensity control. Certain LED options can also include light spectrum control.
REFRIGERATION SYSTEM- Self contained water-cooled (or air-cooled) condensing unit with EGC's 2ØDX system.
AIRFLOW- Directed downward through flow controlled diffusers from the top of the growing area and is recirculated from the bottom via an internal side wall heat exchanger.

GROWTH AREA- Standard models are 12 to 120 sq.ft. Custom applications available based on researcher's need.

The Walk-Ins


The Reach-Ins