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Central Control and Monitoring System

EGC's CCMS software offers a solution for central control and monitoring through distributed networking of our environmental chambers.

CCMS software and the C6 controller represent the latest in growth chamber and controlled temperature room environmental control technology from Environmental Growth Chambers (EGC). Designed to run under Windows operating systems, CCMS offers a comprehensive solution for distributed control, data collection and reporting.


Installations of two or more chambers should consider the advantages of a central control and monitoring system. Centralized control aids the site administrator by controlling access to chamber programming and data, while also providing a central location for site monitoring. Our CCMS software gives the researcher:

  • Ability to network multiple C6 controlers via an ethernet network
  • Ability to serve as a gateway for remote access from the internet to all connected chambers
  • Full centralized programming and download support to individual chamber controllers
  • Real time viewing of process and setpoint data from any unit in the network
  • Centralized collection, logging, and reporting of process data from all chambers
  • On screen display of alarm conditions from any chamber on the network
  • Real time email and SMS alarm alerts
  • Full programming and reconfiguration from central computer
  • Offers remote monitoring and diagnostics of connected devices
  • Multi-level password control with complete flexibility to configure user group access

Collecting data at a central location adds redundancy to the local storage of chamber histories, as well as eliminating the need for, and the expense of, a chart recorder at each chamber. It also provides for fail safe performance since individual controllers maintain chamber conditions in the event of a network failure.

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