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Tissue Culture

Tissue Culture Rooms

EGC tissue culture rooms offer the most precise control and uniformity available for sensitive tissue culture work. Utilizing pressurized sidewall plenums and our "Air Shelf" design which directs controlled airflow through the shelves and working area, these units provide uniform temperature control from 10°C to 40°C ±0.5°C at any point in the work area. This helps assure consistency among culture samples and allows you to fully utilize the work area without concern for loading effects on performance.

This unique design also eliminates problems with condensation in culture dishes that can contaminate samples.

Tissue culture rooms come in standard sizes with 60, 120, 180, and 192 sq. ft. of work area. We can also design and build custom sizes to fit your facility requirements. For portable convenience our GCTC-19 culture chamber offers the same design features in a caster-mounted 30" x 40" cabinet with four lighted shelves and 19 sq. ft. of work space.

Like all EGC products, our tissue culture rooms come standard with our C6 control system that allows precise control of lighting, temperature, and relative humidity (optional) with up to 200 lines of programming sequence.

For those who wish to utilize existing facilities, our PTC-32 portable shelving unit delivers a controlled flow of ambient air across four lighted shelves. This unit is designed to be used in the laboratory or existing controlled environment room.