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F Series

F-Series Plant Growth Chamber

EGC's F-Series chambers offer great flexibility. Fully adjustable cantilever shelving easily adjusts in 3" increments with no tools required. The shelving can be removed completely to achieve a variety of growth heights. Chamber airflow can be directed upward from a slotted chamber floor for full height experiments or through the perforated rear wall plenum for multi-shelf use. Two independent, counter-balanced, top level light canopies easily adjust vertically across the complete growth height range. Middle and lower tier adjustable shelves with integrated lighting can be configured to obtain a range of growth area footprints.

The Ultimate in Flexibility
Reach-In & Walk-In

Standard Models: F10, F20, F40, F60

CONSTRUCTION- Fully adjustable cantilever shelving easily adjusts in 3" increments - no tools required.

TEMPERATURE- Standard control is any range within the +4°C to +45°C span, with ±0.5°C temperature control tolerance.
LIGHTING- Counterweight upper canopy adjusts easily and delivers up to 1,500 μmols at 6". Mid and lower removable lights provide up to 700 μmols at 6".
REFRIGERATION SYSTEM- Water-cooled or air-cooled condensing unit package on top of the chamber, or remotely located. Evaporator coil with copper tube and aluminum fins.
AIRFLOW- Can be directed upward from the slotted chamber floor for full height experiments, or through the perforated side wall plenum for multi shelf use.
GROWTH AREA- Standard models are 10 to 60 sq. ft. in single tier mode. Custom applications available based on researcher's need.