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GC Series

GC Series Plant Growth Chambers

The GC series are available in both reach-in and walk-in models. They are available in a various configurations, including benchtop and "double decker" models, to provide maximum versatility in limited spaces. Two shelf models are also available for arabidopsis research.

Reach-In & Walk-In

Standard Reach-In Models: GC8, GC10, GC15
Standard Walk-In Models: GC36, GC72, GC108

CONSTRUCTION- Non-barriered light canopies. Enamel coated aluminum interior and exterior surfaces with wood-less construction.

TEMPERATURE- Standard control is any range within the +4°C to +45°C span, with ±0.5°C temperature control tolerance.
LIGHTING- Fixture that delivers anywhere from 200 to 1,500 μmols light intensity, depending on model.
REFRIGERATION SYSTEM- Self contained water-cooled (or air-cooled) condensing unit with EGC's 2ØDX system.
AIRFLOW- Directed upward from the LAMINAIRE aluminum channel floor.
GROWTH AREA- Standard models are 8 to 108 sq ft. Custom applications available based on researcher's need.