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Root Zone Cabinets

Root Zone Cabinet R-1

The root zone cabinet provides conductive soil temperature control through controlled air circulation within the root tank, with no water bath to impede normal drainage of plants The root zone cabinet can be easily deployed in existing facilities. When used in conjunction with a controlled environment chamber, it can simulate varying temperature differentials between soil conditions and ambient air. Control air temperature in the tank can be programmed in diurnal cycles with a working range from 0°C to 38°C. The maximum differential between root temperature and ambient is 15°C.

The cabinet is large enough to hold up to twelve 10" diameter pots or up to twenty-eight 6" pots. These units are constructed with a textured aluminum exterior, polymer foam insulation, and a galvanized inner liner. They are equipped with a 3/4" floor drain, an eight foot heavy duty grounded power cord, and casters as standard.